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SHARAF DG LLC, which is an integral part of the highly esteemed Sharaf Group, is the largest electronics retail company in the Middle East and is headquartered in Dubai. Sharaf DG is a leading provider of technology products, services, and solutions. Being one of the leading powerhouse retailers in the region necessitates high-quality and efficient accounting solutions.

Since 2019 KGDMS, with its expertise and diverse experience, has successfully handled the end-to-end accounting functions from Record to Reporting resulting in improved efficiencies for Sharaf DG.

KGDMS has been successfully delivering on the accounting and reporting functions of Sharaf DG thereby enabling Sharaf DG to focus on its demanding business needs which eventually helps in their long-term growth. This promises a long and fruitful relationship between SHARAF DG and KGDMS for years to come!


  1. Accounts Payable function
  2. Accounts Receivable function
  3. Bank Reconciliations
  4. E-Commerce Accounting
  5. MIS Reporting
  6. Statutory Audit support
  7. IT Reources Off-shore
  8. Call Centre Resources Off-Shore
  9. Data Analysis
  10. Store Auditors*

DataQ Inc

Headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, DataQ Inc., is a well-reputed company in the U.S that aims to automate data testing and monitoring to improve data accuracy. Founded in 2016 with a vision to make data more reliable, DataQ’s team seeks to disrupt the standards in the data field.

To be able to completely focus on their vision without the stress of application and infrastructure management DataQ took the decision to outsource its key areas of work to KGDMS – in 2021.

Since then, KGDMS provides DataQ with complete Managed Services and also efficiency solutions based on streamlined procedures tailored to DataQ’s needs and requirements.

With the highly proficient and goal-oriented team at KGDMS, outsourcing these functions has proven to be extremely successful for DataQ with a notable increase in their efficiencies.